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  • 1 square meter = 1pcs.   2 square meter=2pcs.   3 square meter =3pcs ...
  • Width x height = square meters = Order Quantity
  • you need place order is width*height,
  • if the width is 3m ,the height is 2m ,you need place order is 6 square meter
  • If you need to size is 6.1 to 6.5 square meters, you need to place an order for 6 square meters.
  • If you need to size is 6.6 to 6.9 square meters, you need to place an order for 7 square meters

Buyer must read:

Price is per square meter

  • 1 Square Meter = 1 piece
  • This is custom fresco wallpaper. We must product according to your exact size (width and height)
  • Please follow the calculation method below – for e.g if your floor width of 2.5 meters, and wall length of 3 meters – add an extra 0.04m in length and width. Area: (2.5 + 0.04) m X (3 + 0.04) m = 7.72 square meters – you need to buy 8 square meters when you order. 

If you have an unconventional length and height, please send us a message in “contact us page” or call us and we will ensure you get the proper measurements.

E.g if your wall size is width – 360cm and height -240cm, you should add 5cm to both sides (360cm + 8.9425 = 9 square meters just to be sure of size and play

Quantity: 1 = 1 square meter = 140cm (W) X  70cm (H) (4’ 3” X 2’ 3”) ft

Quantity: 2 = 2 square meter = 200cm (W) X 100cm (H) (6’ 5” X 3’ 2”) ft

Quantity: 3 = 3 square meter = 208cm (W) X 146cm (H) 6’ 8” X 4’ 8”) ft

Quantity: 4 = 4 square meter = 200cm (W) X 200cm (H) (6’ 5” X 6’ 5”) ft

Quantity: 5 = 5 square meter = 250cm (W) X 200cm (H) (7’ 5” X 6’ 5”) ft

Quantity: 6 = 6 square meter = 300cm (W) X 200cm (H) (9’ 8” X 6’ 5”) ft

Quantity: 7 = 7 square meter = 300cm (W) X 250cm (H) (9’ 8” X 8’ 2”) ft

Quantity: 8 = 8 square meter = 400cm (W) X 200cm (H) (13’ 6” X 6’ 5”) ft

Quantity: 9 = 9 square meter = 350cm (W) X 260cm (H) 11’ 4” X 8’ 7”) ft

Quantity: 10 = 10 square meter = 360cm (W) X 280cm (H) 11’ 8” X 9’ 2”) ft

Quantity: 12 = 12 square meter = 400cm (W) X 300cm (H) 13’ 6” X 9’ 8”) ft

Quantity: 16 = 16 square meter = 500cm (W) X 320cm (H) 16’ 4” X 10’ 5”) ft

For other sizes: (width and height – please tell us)

We will calculate the correct order, quantity and price.

If you do not know the size? We will send you the (above) “Quantity 12” fixed size.

Details of Wallpaper


  • What type of 3-D wallpaper is this?  This is a photo wallpaper or aka mural wallpaper, not a paper roll or stickers or wall poster.
  • How do I know the size of the 3-D wallpaper?  This is custom wallpaper
  • How to install this wallpaper? Use adhesive paste
  • How to order the size of the main picture?  Please provide us with the size of the wall (width and height)
  • Can I order any size of the overall pattern?  No

Directions to Install

Cut sections of paper to form the pattern first before applying glue

  1. Prepare the necessary tools: Glue, Brush, Roller Scraper, Ruler, Knife, Towel and Spong
  2. Clean the wall and make sure it’s flat with no bubbles or bumps. Dry wall completely and brush on the glue.
  3. Check the pattern of the wallpaper and match pattern.
  4. According to the width of each panel of paper, mark the vertical lines on the wall.
  5. Brush the glue on the back of each panel section and mark vertical lines on the wall.
  6. Position and paste on wall and cut excess sections.
  7. When applying the second, make sure you match the pattern and any overlap. Use a ruler and knife to cut off excess.
  8. After application, use a scraper and glide the scraper along the paper to weed out the bubbles.
  9. If there is glue overflow, use the sponge to wipe off the excess glue.
  10. Allow 1 day for drying – to expedite drying, use a hair-dryer with circular motions.


Charge Unit: Yuan/Roll
Type: Textile Wallpapers
Function: Moisture-Proof and Mould Proof
Pattern: Floral
Textile Wallpaper Material: Non-Woven
Surface Treatment: Printed
Style: Chinese Style
is_customized: Yes
Material: Silk or Embossed
Feature: Environment Friendly
Feature: Formaldehyde-free
Brand Name: WDBH

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