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Portable Interactive Whiteboard WB2800

Portable Interactive Whiteboard is a fully featured interactive whiteboard system that transforms any standard whiteboard, flat surface (such as a wall) or projection screen into an interactive whiteboard.

No battery is required for USB signal receiver and the unit can be mounted to the ceiling if a permanent solution is required. Working with the extendable pointer E-Pen(Electronic pen) or stylus E-pen, you and your audience can explore internet websites, build interactive flipcharts and create more opportunities for discussions and interaction in the classroom or meeting rooms.

Transforming Standard Whiteboard Into Touch screen Monitor

The system will transform your common whiteboard into an interactive touch screen. It enables users to operate the computer while standing in front of the whiteboard. It allows users to add, erase, save, print or distribute the snapshot using the features of the Interactive software at any time. Users can also use the E-Pen as a mouse by tapping on the screen directly hence transforming the common whiteboard into a huge touch screen monitor.

Type: Whiteboard
Model Number: WB2800
Whiteboard Type: Interactive Whiteboard
Folded: Yes
Style: Scaffolding
whiteboard Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
interactive whiteboard Color: Silver interactive whiteboard
digital whiteboard Working Principle: Optical- electrical positioning recognition technology
portable interactive board Required: Windows XP/2003/Vista/Win7/win8/win10/ Linux Ubuntu
smart board Active Area: Max 150 inch
touch board View Angle: 40 Degree
office board Transmission Interface: USB wire
presentation board Applied To: Any material including soft screen and white wall
Ability to resist the drop of pen: 2 metres
children white board Aspect Ratio: 4:3 16:9