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Founder's Message

Our Mantra

"Doing Great Things Quietly"

Our mission is to be completely customer focused and to be on top of innovation and development of home and business decor produccts. Our passion resides in building customer trust and relationships and fully understanding the needs and expectations from our customers and dealers. 

A Little History

James had started installing 3D Wallpaper back in 2014 as a hobby for freinds and family on a part time basis and was shocked at the reaction and compliments that he received and his wife started posting and soon trended fiercely. James has over 20 years' experience in Law, Finance, Business Development, Sales and Marketing working at various banking institutions, financial firms and law firms and learned many business strategies, philosophies and structural understanding public relations. Aside from the aforementioned, James always had an interest in home decor and design and brought all his experience to his business to implement the best strategies in customer service, product development, marketing and sales. James launched Nexus Reno & Decor in 2015 named after "Nexus Legal Publishing" as a business built on trust, transperancy and value. He is a person of excellence and incorporated that philosophy in his services.

Nexus 3D Wallpaper

NRD is the first company in Canada to offer Custom 3D Wallpaper with Scaling and Modification capabilities. We have perfected the way we design and produce wallpaper to your specifications and extended to creating custom wallpaper from Shutterstock images (https://www.shutterstock.com/). These are HD images taken from professional photographers worldwide with 100,000's to choose from. We are the only custom wallpaper company in Canada that offers this service along with Mock-up drawings on Sketchup or AutoCAD software systems.

Nexus Reno & Decor (Renovation Services)

James has worked with many reputable contractors and interior designers to compile a network that advises, consults and implements interior designs that gives special environmental aesthetics and price appropriate for the consumer.

Our home and office renovation services spans over 22 years of experience and have serviced many homes and commercial businesses to date. 

Newly Launched Products

Aside from Nexus Reno & Decor, James is focused on Custom 3D Wallpaper for Residential and Commercial projects. He has expanded the brand into "AquaWall" LED Fountains and "AquaWave" LED Wall Waving light reflection.  James is proactively working with lighting and mechanical engineers to develop the next stage in wall coverings. He is very active in design and innovation. 

Imagine Art Collection

"Imagine Art Collection" is a division of Nexus and are manufactured in Cebu, Philippines. These figurines are made of Stone Cast material and high grade paint heat glazed for the prestine look.   

Our Wedding Collection is one of our most popular products among couples planning their nuptials. These beautiful sculptures are hand-crafted from European Stone Cast and Asian Stone Cast materials that are casted, molded, and heat-glazed to a perfect mold. We paint and heat until freeze dry. We have white/bronze, white/back, white/burgundy, white/navy blue colour combinations and other custom-mixed colours to suit your needs and requirements. IAC will also take engraving requests. Please call us to find out more!

Expansion: Nexus Tiny Homes (2024)

James has also launched "Nexus Tiny Homes" . This is a division of NRD team of Architects, Designers, Contractors, Investors and Mortgage Agents to launch a series of modern tiny homes for everyday people. Sign up for our newsletter and we will be launchng a whole new set of designer tiny homes that will be available in the summer of 2024.

Head Office & Showroom

Our Head Office and Showroom is located at at Improve Canada: Unit  #159-7250 Keele Street, Concord, Ontario,  L4K 1Z8.

Our professionalism and customer service goes unparalleled with our clients and the business community. Please check our Google reviews and other referrals can be provided.  

**We ship our products worldwide! 8-12 Days Fast UPS Shipping**

If you have any questions on how to return your item to us, contact us at: 416-464-2465 / Toll Free 1-800-981-9019 or Email: info@nexusrenodecor.com.

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