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Sold 1 Per Square Meter

Are you someone who appreciates a Classical Wood Look? Or would like to experience a 3D format right on your wall that looks real and touchable? This newly designed 3-D wallpaper will not only give your new home a new look, but a completely new environment to be proud of. This silk touchable patterns will enhance any room to its fullest potential. 

Materials Available to Choose from: 

3D Embossed / Straw Texture / Imitation Leather / Waterproof Canvas 


Mould-Proof, Smoke-Proof, Moisture-Proof, Soundproof, Waterproof, Heat Insulation, Sound-Absorbing, Anti-static


Water Resistant, Mildew Resistant, Extra Thick, Environment Friendly, Formaldehyde-free

Various Uses:

Wedding Reception Hall Ballroom, House, Cottage, Living Room, Bedding Room, Art Museum, Retail, Study, Library etc.

Customizable?  Yes

Buyer’s must read:

Mural wallpaper price: $ / square meter. Not rolls

1 square meter=1 pcs    2 square meter=2pcs     3 square meter = 3pcs

Width X Height = Square Meters = Order Quantity 
Note: Please be careful to order 1m2., because it’s very small size

When Ordering

Please send us your actual room wall measurements to: sales@nexusrenodecor.com and customer service will confirm this by contacting you.  Please include your contact information.

Buyer order different quantity. Buyer will receive corresponding size

E.g if your wall size is width – 11 FT and height -7.8 FT. You should add 5cm to both sides (360+5) X (240+5) = 8.9425 = 9 square meters, therefore your order is for 9 square meters.

Quantity: 1 = 1 square meter = 140cm (W) X 70cm (H) OR (4’3” X 2’3”)FT

Quantity: 2 = 2 square meter = 200cm (W) X 100cm (H) OR (6’5” X 3’2”) FT

Quantity: 3 = 3 square meter = 208cm (W) X 146cm (H) OR (’6 8” X 4’8”) FT

Quantity: 4 = 4 square meter = 200cm (W) X 200cm (H) OR (6’5” X 6’5”) FT

Quantity: 5 = 5 square meter = 250cm (W) X 200cm (H) OR (7’6” X 6’5”) FT

Quantity: 6 = 6 square meter = 300cm (W) X 200cm (H) OR (9’8” X 6’5”) FT

Quantity: 7 = 7 square meter = 300cm (W) X 250cm (H) OR (9’8” X 8’2”) FT

Quantity: 8 = 8 square meter = 400cm (W) X 200cm (H) OR (13’6” X 6’ 5”) FT

Quantity: 9 = 9 square meter = 350cm (W) X 260cm (H) OR (11’4” X 8’7”) FT

Quantity: 10 = 10 square meter = 360cm (W) X 280cm (H) OR 11’8” X 9’2”) FT

Quantity: 11 = 11 square meter = 420cm (W) X 260cm (H) OR 13’9” X 8’6”) FT

Quantity: 12 = 12 square meter = 400cm (W) X 300cm (H) OR 13’6” X 9’8”) FT

Quantity: 13 = 13 square meter = 460cm (W) X 280cm (H) OR 15’1” X 9’2”) FT

Quantity: 14 = 14 square meter = 480cm (W) X 290cm (H) OR 15’9” X 9’6”) FT

Quantity: 15 = 15 square meter = 500cm (W) X 300cm (H) OR (16’5” X 9’10”) FT

Quantity: 16 = 16 square meter = 500cm (W) X 320cm (H) OR (16’4” X 10’5”) FT

For other sizes: (width and height – please tell us)

We will calculate the correct order, quantity and price.

If you do not know the size? We will send you the (above) “Quantity 9” fixed size.


This price is for one square meter.

How to order other sizes?  

All measurements can be in inches (“), feet (‘) and centimeters (cm) and we will calculate the order quantity.


If you need 5 square meters mural wallpaper, please choose “Quantity 5”.

Details of Wallpaper


  • What type of 3-D wallpaper is this? This is a photo wallpaper or aka mural wallpaper, not a paper roll or stickers or wall poster.
  • How do I know the size of the 3-D wallpaper? This is custom wallpaper
  • How to install this wallpaper? Use adhesive paste
  • How to order the size of the main picture? Please provide us with the size of the wall (width and height)
  • Can I order any size of the overall pattern? Yes

Model Number: mural wallpaper 3d
Feature: 3D,Mildew Resistant,Extra Thick,Water Resistant,Environment Friendly,Formaldehyde-free
Function: Moisture-Proof,Smoke-Proof,Waterproof,Sound-Absorbing,Soundproof,Anti-static,Mould-Proof,Heat Insulation
Use: Elders' Room,Living Room,Kids' Room,Study,Bedding Room,Wedding House
Surface Treatment: Printed
is_customized: Yes
Usage: Entertainment,Administration,Household,Commerce
Brand Name: beibehang
Natural Material Wallpaper Material: Plant
Type: Natural Material Wallpapers
Style: Modern
Material: Silk wallpaper
Charge Unit: Usd/Roll
Pattern: Forest
Pattern: Yes